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Requests are as unique as the organization or conference theme in need. Please submit your information on our "Contact" page for a speedy reply. Don't delay - contact us today!
​Awareness + Abilities + Action = Organization's Optimal Outcome.


Dr. Cyndi Laurin is a world-class, highly sought-after international keynote speaker. She has presented to tens of thousands of people over the past 25 years and has the unique ability to engage audiences and evoke thinking that drives leadership from within, increases productivity, enhances quality, and impacts an organization's bottom line.

Keynote topics range from tenets in bestselling "Catch!", "The Rudolph Factor", or "Be a Frontline H.E.R.O." to leadership development, employee engagement, business excellence initiatives. Her most popular keynote presentations are "Moving the Frontline Forward", "Aligning Your Organization Through Culture" and "Building Four Pillars of Organizational Greatness." Contact us today to have Dr. Laurin present at your next corporate event.


​Most suitable for groups from 35 - 500 attendees.


Dr. Laurin is also a LEGO(R) Serious Play Certified Facilitator and truly engages audiences with her natural and highly interactive format. With over 25 years managing training venues at the C-suite level to front-line workers, she has the ability to engage each participant and provides organizational value that lingers long after the event.

​Appropriate for annual events, forums, and conferences.


Often times, when Dr. Laurin is invited to judge various types of business competitions (business plans, innovative ideas from employees, etc.). While at regional venues, it is also of benefit to have Dr. Laurin present to your partner organizations. It's a great way to expand your own marketing opportunities for your event.

​Integrating people and the processes they manage.


While many teambuilding activities are great at giving employees an opportunity to enjoy time outside of the work environment, they tend to fall short at creating any sustainable change to the actual culture of the organization. Dr. Laurin uses the psychology of change model (AVTAR) found in her book, "The Rudolph Factor" to generate new awareness and evoke new thinking that results in long-term, sustainable cultural improvements. Along with leadership development training, assessing an organization's political structure, and reviewing common reward structures, Dr. Laurin looks at each organization as a dynamic organism capable of achieving greatness.



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