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​On the path to greatness? Need some help getting there? Dr. Cyndi Laurin is the expert at helping organizations take their performance to the next level. She looks forward to transforming your business ...


Looking for a professional keynote speaker? Whether your organization is a startup, small in size, or a Fortune 500 enterprise, Cyndi understands that every client has unique needs and has several options available to meet your needs...



Dr. Laurin has presented to hundreds of organizations  from a gamut of industries... corporate to government entities to non-profits & small businesses. While her clients range in size and scope, Cyndi's niche is helping her clients discover ...

“Cyndi is the magic dust that brings people together.”

John Abbruzzese, former President

Potomac Construction Industries


Historically, people with “out-of-the-box” thinking have been labeled Corporate Entrepreneurs, Change Agents, Intrapreneurs, Mavericks, Square Pegs, or Renegades...among other names.

In 1939, Robert May published the beloved Christmas tale titled, "Rudolph, the Red Nose Reindeer" as an assignment from his employer ... click to read more

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